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About our Competitive Program

Founded in 1979 the competitive side of our club started as Turlock Tornadoes.  The club enjoyed great success for many years.  The picture on the left is the original Turlock Tornadoes club shield.

In 2016 the club decided to rebrand as Turlock Soccer Club.  This was done in an effort to create a club mentality and unify the organization under one name.  Previously the club went by two different names.  The Rec side of the club was known as TYSA and the Comp side of the club was known as Tornadoes.  This led to a lack of connection between the different levels of the club and its membership. 

In 2018 we became the official youth affiliate of Academica Soccer Club.  This move created the first true soccer pyramid in the Central Valley and one of the only ones in all of Northern California.  Now all aspects of the club are unified under one name and one shield.  Força AC! 


Competitive Coordinator - Nivete Mulgado