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Comp Info

Turlock Academica Jrs is the youth affiliate for USL League Two club Academica SC. This partnership gives our players the opportunity to develop in the USL pathway with opportunities to progress to the Men's and Women's senior teams. Academica Jrs are also members of Norcal Premier, NPL, ECNL-RL, and USL Academy.

Season Info:

Our Competitive teams all train at our own facility, Academica Soccer Fields, 2-3 times a week. The league season runs from July-May with Fall and Spring league seasons as well as State Cup games throughout. Teams also compete in tournaments throughout the year.


Club Tryouts

  • Norcal Open tryouts is Mid May thru June.  All players can tryout for any club without restrictions during the open tryout window.
  • Players can still tryout with our club throughout the year as long as
    • They are not currently registered with another Norcal Club/team
    • Have been released/given written premission from the Norcal club they are/were registered with.

You can sign up for a tryout session here


2024-2025 Club Fees

Annual Club Fee:

  • $1150 for 2005 thru 2018 teams. 
    • Due at time of registration $150
    • 2 Options for remaining fee
      • Pay in Full $1000
      • Or Monthly installments of $100 due the first of every month starting Aug 1, 2024 thru May 1, 2025
  • $900 for 2019 teams
    • Due at time of registration $100
    • 2 Options for remaining fee
      • Paid in Full $800
      • Or Monthly installments of $80 due the first of every month starting Aug 1, 2024 thru May 1, 2025
  • These fees Include:  Membership/Player pass, coaches pay, Coaching Education, Referee Coordinator, practice field rental fees, Goalkeeper trainer, club staff stipends, administration, and overhead
  • These fees are still due during high school season, when players are not allowed to practice/play with club team. 
  • Players who join after later in the season, club fees will be prorated. 
  • Payments are due on the first of every month.  We encourage families to enroll in the auto payment.
  • Players are considered past due on the 7th day of the month.  Players will be removed from the gameday roster and will not be allowed to play/practice until their account is current. 
  • Payment issues should not be discussed with coaches.  Please contact the finance manager


League and State Cup Fees (are not included in the club fees)

  • Fees will vary by age groups not individual teams
  • Includes Norcal application fee, field, and referees for home games
  • League and State Cup fees will need to be paid before player can be added to the event roster
  • Fall and State Cup will be due the first week of July (a week before application deadline)
  • Spring League will be due in January (a week before application deadline)


Nike Uniforms

  • Mandatory Kit – Includes: grey jersey, yellow jersey, black shorts, black socks, yellow socks, and two training tops.  Approximately $160.
  • Once player is officially registered with our club, they will receive a unique link to order uniforms.  DO NOT share this link with other players.  It is unique to the specific player, if others use the same link they will receive jerseys with the same number.


Team Equipment

  • Team equipment paid with team funds becomes the property of the club


Team Fundraising

  • You will need to submit a fundraiser request form to our Competitive Coordinator for approval. See form below.
  • All raised funds must be deposited with the club, along with the deposit slip.
  • Do not use any of the raised funds to pay expenses, attached receipts and the info for the person(s) needing to be reimbursed. 
  • Only players who participate in the fundraiser will receive profit.
  • Raised funds will be posted as credit to the player’s account.
  • No fundraisers involving alcohol and/or gambling will be allowed
  • Club offered Fundraisers: Firework booth and Annual dinner ticket sales



  • All Sponsorships should be made payable to Turlock Academica Jrs and will be credited to the acquiring player’s account or to the general club fund if not specified.
  • Sponsorship Form - See form below


Financial Aid:

Financial aid is available for families needing some financial assistance.   In order for us to provide financial assistance to the players that need the funds the most, every request is evaluated on a player-by-player basis.   Considering a few primary factors; financial need, player level, and family involvement in our organization. Our goal is to help all of those who truly need the assistance.

Currently the financial aid and scholarship fund is financed from our club fundraisers. We are always looking for other opportunities to increase this fund.


  • All players who qualify for financial aid will receive $200 off their annual club fee.
  • Are required to do three hours of club volunteer hours at our club fundraisers and/or events.
  • If the player leaves the club within the year, they were awarded the funds, they will be required to repay the amount granted.
  • Completed Financial Aid Application along with the 1040 and recent paystub must be submitted to the competitive coordinator. 


Coach Travel reimbursement policy

  • For Tournaments/showcases more than 75 miles one way from Academica Field to the tournament location.
  • Head coaches without a child on the team.
  • Mileage reimbursement for the total trip at the standard IRS business rate .65 a mile.
  • Hotel room reimbursement up to $175 a night.
  • This will be included in the tournament fees invoiced to players.


Zero Tolerance Policy

Turlock Academica Jrs seeks to instill positive character-building traits in our communities’ youth through the demonstration of good sportsmanship, respect for others, responsibility, fairness, caring and good citizenship. We ask those parents and their guests attending any event representing Turlock Academica Jrs help us by reflecting these character traits at games

All competitive teams in our club are governed by the NorCal Code of EthicsAll players, parents, coaches and administrators are expected to abide by these rules.  Violation of the Code of Ethics will not be tolerated by our club.


Other Policies